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William Barth Osmundsen BRONZES FROM THE SEA

Bronze Sculpture, Fine Artwork by Commission

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Portrait Sculpture

"To Wonder",
portrait of Richard Taylor, age 4

Widely Exhibited including:
Portraits Inc., 41 East 57th St. NYC

ALTHEA … “The women ‘Althea’, is haunting, strong with features not easily forgotten nor overlooked. (How much more to be desired, this beauty of bone structure, than the soft prettiness...gone all to soon)”.                                                             Cornelia Justice, Ledger-Star, Norfolk, VA


SUSAN…”Osmundsen’s little head of “Susan’ is all of childhood … it’s wonder, innocence and delight”.                                                               Cornelia Justice, Ledger-Star, Norfolk, VA.



“Osmundsen’s bust of           George Laakso discards all detail except the face.  The bust is a mass of roughly-hewn lines and the result is a powerful representation”.                                          

John Levin, Ledger-Star,

Norfolk, VA.

“Osmundsen’s Portrait of  George Laakso, in the heroic mold and slightly larger than life recalls Rodin’s figures emerging from out of the enfolding earth”.                             

Cornelia Justice, Ledger-Star, Norfolk, VA.



"Portrait of George Laakso, Sculptor", Cast Stone
Wm Barth Osmundsen, Sculptor
Virginia Beach, VA