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William Barth Osmundsen BRONZES FROM THE SEA

Bronze Sculpture, Fine Artwork by Commission

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          Ski for Light - Art for Sight

"Ski for Light - Art for Sight" bronze is installed at a park in Frisco, Colorado.  The sculpture commissioned by the Frisco Art Council was placed in honor of the founder of Ski for light in the US, Olav Pedersen.  The bronze skiers by William Barth Osmundsen are mounted on a 5,500 lb block of white Vermont Marble.

'Ski for Light - Art for Sight' (c)Wm Barth Osmundsen, Sculptor & Founder
Commissioned by The Frisco Art Council, Frisco, CO.

Dedicated on the event of Olav Pedersen's 80th Birthday

Know as the Father of Ski for Light in the United States

The Story
Olav Pedersen, was a skier and newspaper reporter in Norway where he
participated in the beginnings of an exciting idea suggested by Norwegian blind singer,
Erling Stordahl, which was 'a sighted guide skiing with a blind skier'. Olav immigrated
to the US and Breckenridge CO. where he instructed Skiing and also worked as a carpenter,
bringing with him the Norwegian concept of 'Skiing with the Blind'.  It was to be called;
'Ski for Light'. 


Sculptor Bill Osmundsen completed all the Bronze Castings of his original Artwork, 'Ski for Light - Art for Sight" in his New Hampshire Studio. Here he is finishing the bronze casting of the female guide.

Olav Pedersen, Richard Dahl (Sculptor's son who took the trip out to Frisco for the instillation and Sculptor Bill Osmundsen
take a brake after the Bronze Sculpture was installed and mounted on a 5,500 lb. block of Vermont Marble which had been
trucked to Colorado by the Sculptor and Son.  The Statue was placed in the a Park at the entrance of the Town of Frisco. CO.