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William Barth Osmundsen BRONZES FROM THE SEA

Bronze Sculpture, Fine Artwork by Commission

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            Sterling Miniatures

Flight of the Terns

'Flight of the Terns'  Sterling Sliver (solid) on Onyx,  Wm Barth Osmundsen, Sculptor,  Cast by Tallix

                   At the Helm

'At the Helm'  Sterling Silver (solid) on Rosewood, Wm Barth Osmundsen Sculptor
Edition Cast by Tallix and the Artist

Limited Edition Collection Commissioned by
David-Andersen A/S,
Oslo, Norway
Cartier, Inc.,
Fifth Avenue,, New York

Notable Presentation Helms' made for

CEO Ivar Lovald Wilhem-Williamsen, A/S
Oslo, Norway for presentation by Barber Steamship Co., New York

Lasse Kolstadt, Internationally known Actor &
Chairman of Friends of
Christian Radich
by Christian Radich, Assoc. Oslo, Norway