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William Barth Osmundsen BRONZES FROM THE SEA

Bronze Sculpture, Fine Artwork by Commission

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  Whats New

I wanted to drop my dear friends in ‘What’s New" an informational up date to my fairly new project of creating a Life-sized Bronze Sculpture of Max Yasgur who in 1969 really rescued the Woodstock Folk Festival by allowing the concert to be held on his Alfalfa field.  

Many people believe that the festival took place in Woodstock, NY.  The idea initiated out of that Art community but it ended up being kicked up state to Bethel, NY mainly because the other communities didn't want to be over run with the youthful 'Hippies'.


The beauty of Max, who was in every way a conservative, really quite the opposite of the almost half-million youths who would show up on this 300 acre field for 3 days. Max with a fatherly presence presided at arms length over this remarkable gathering. Certainly one of the benchmarks of the 60's and maybe the whole twentieth century.


I have finished with my 2 foot clay model of my proposed, standing life bronze and I'm now in the mold making process.  I'll be doing a Limited Edition Bronze run on on this two foot sculpture. For those make a contribution of $ 7,500. or more to my Go Fund Me account  you will receive one of these early Bronze Editions.

I would also invite you to take a look at my short video on sculpting the clay model, which will give some added information on this project.  I'd also invite you to peruse my web site so you may see my past efforts in completion.

We will certainly record and make a notation and follow-up with Thank You for any sized donation. Here is the link to my Go Fund Me account please come by and visit:-

 Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review my project.

I have met with the Bethel Woods Center for Arts and have discussed project with the director.  Once this model is completed it will be presented to this marvelous museum and folk center. The Bronze Statue itself would be on grassy ground level.  Max walking the fields as he did almost 50 years ago.

As well the full-sized Bronze I plan for competition in 2019 which will be the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Folk Festival.  I hope that with whatever size contribution you can make it will be a connecting bond we can enjoy as this worthwhile dedication comes together.

Thanks All,  Bill Osmundsen



 Contact us regarding this Sculpture Project

Original Study for Max's Sculpture (c) Wm Barth Osmundsen

Receive a framed signed print with a gift of $ 750.
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