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William Barth Osmundsen BRONZES FROM THE SEA

Bronze Sculpture, Fine Artwork by Commission

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Down  Under  Art  Studio

Ben Franklin Block, 75 Congress Street, Suite LO2, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801
To visit our 'Studio Down Under' enter through the Main Entrance; 75 Congress St.' go through the Lobby
to the elevator, press L (for lower level) turn left off the elevator we are at the end of the Hall on the Right.

We are literally 'Down Under' Nari Fashions, you can enter through their door, go straight
ahead to the doors ahead and then down the stairs and the first door to your left.

Take a moment to review my new project honoring the Man who saved
 the Famous Woodstock Folk Festival.

We are working to have a life-sized Bronze Sculpture for the 50th anniversary

Donate to the Creation and Bronze Casting of 'Max's Sculpture'


Portraits by Commission
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