"Eagles Flight" Bronze ​Cire Perdue

(c) William Barth Osmundsen




In memory of my husband



Eagle Scout 1940

Given by Mrs. Gunhild Tibbetts

May 11, 2004

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Unveiling, One-Man Showing


Fall 1975

About 'Eagles Flight' 

'Eagles Flight' was sculpted in microcrystalline wax over a wood and burlap armature. Each of the hundreds or thousands of feather pellets were hand formed and pressed into the model. This sculpture was the first I was able to commit to bronze. Up until then I cast all my sculptures in a cement material called hydrocal or hydrostone.

The Bicentennial was the following year and I pre-exhibited the wax model at Burrows to some enthusiastic clients, who looked forward to seeing the sculpture in bronze. Tallix Foundry was the foundry I was able to cast it with. 

After I completed the 'Eagles Flight', I created 'The Flight of the Terns', sculpting that work in wax, as well, at the Burrows Gallery. 40 magazine, which was published nearby ran a feature on the bronzing process at Tallix Foundry, then located in Peekskill, NY. You may find that article of interest, as it follows a sculpture through the fascinating Lost Wax CirePerde. Ceramic Shell, bronze casting process.

"Eagles Flight' was made in an edition of two and the molds destroyed.  The gallery was downsizing after a couple of years and sold one to a collector and I retained the other bronze.  I kept it in my personal collection and included it in exhibitions in New York and Baltimore. 

In 1986 I ended that year with opening an exhibit at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Stamford CT. My one-man showing ran into 1990.  During that exhibition the Lipton Tea Company purchased my bronze 'Shamrock-a Lipton tribute' as a retirement gift for the CEO and President of Lipton, Hubert M. Tibbetts, in 1988.  That Bronze Sculpture introduced Hubert and his wife, Gunhild Tibbetts to my exhibit at the Sheraton. After an arranged meeting at the Sheraton, Hubert purchased 'Eagles Flight' for his new business and office in Palm Beach. FL. 

Mr. Tibbetts had me install the sculpture in his Palm Beach office and about six years later retired from that business.  Hubert called me saying he was back up in Greenwich CT. and would like me to build him a Black Granite outdoor pedestal so he could exhibit the Eagle on his property


In 2002, Hubert M. Tibbetts, passed away leaving Mrs Tibbetts and their six acre estate, which she found too large to keep alone. Gunhild called me and requested that she find a suitable location for the 'Eagles Flight'

Hubert had been an Eagle Scout and we were all delighted The Boy Scout Headquarters in Greenwich would accept the Eagle as a dedication to Mr. Hubert M. Tibbetts. 

To your left is the Mrs. Tibbetts and her son Lance at the dedication. 

'​Eagles Flight'