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July 1976 

'THE FLIGHT OF THE TERNS' displayed at The Town Hall, The Village of Irvington, New York

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'Terns' in Solid Sterling on Onyx

33 Troy Oz. S/S, Artist Miniature

'Terns' and Artist at the Barber Steamship Instillation. Whitehall Building, 17 Battery Place, NYC  1980

'The Flight of the Terns by Wm Barth Osmundsen

At   ​The Villege of Irvington,    New York,    from the Collection of   Robert and Susan Pouch

​Flight of the Terns

'The Flight of the Terns'

 Notable Commissions & Presentations

Commissioned by

Scandinavian Airlines System to be

Presented to, Knut Hargrup,

President & CEO of SAS World Wide, Oslo, Norway. 1978

Commissioned by

Robert H. Pouch, President & Chairman of the Board, Barber Steamship Lines, NYC, 1979

For the Lobby of Barber Steamship Company

Whitehall Building, 17 Battery PL., NYC

On Loan to

The Village of Irvington, New York

by Robert and Susan Pouch

11 May 2012

Gifted to The Villege of Irvington

by Robert and Susan Pouch


SAS for

Scandinavian Airlines System

October 1978 Presentation of

'The Flight of the Terns' to

President & CEO, SAS World-Wide; ​Knut Hargrup.

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