For  me  Bronzes from the Sea  all started  42 years ago.  The year was 1976 and an armada of Tall Ships would run and tack up the East Coast of  the United States of America, randezvouse for a celebratory parade up and down the Hudson River.

It was The Bicentennial, July 4th 1976, the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of our Nation.

As part of the festivities tens- of-thousands, of spectators,  watched in awe, this amazing fleet of Sail Ships, which hadn't been present in such numbers since the late 1800's.   This was a fantastic day in our Nations history and for everyone present, proudfully taking in the tall ships.  White sails'as they cut  silhouettes against Manhattan Skyscrapers;- it was simply magical. 

 I had made a proposal to the Norwegian Information Service, to sail on board, their cadet training, full-rigged tall ship with the notion of creating my new series, Bronzes from the Sea

 I had created maritime artwork,  from being at sea, while in the Navy and had actually visited Christian Radich when she docked in New York, in conjunction with the debut of the Louis de Richmond,  Windjammer film in 1958.

With an approved project plan, by the Norwegian Information, my proposal was forwarded to the Captain of the  ​Christian Radich which had just left Bermuda and the Tall Shp Race, after a brief collision with another tall ship and was now sailing up the east coast with a host of  Tall Ships.

​Christian Radich


 CaptainThorsen's approval came through about a week after the New York Operation Sail event and just a short time before we were invited to sail out of Boston Harbor.

What was to come, was an incredible seagoing experience. We were bound for the Saint Laurence Seaway and Montreal. 

Soon after returning home I began creating the  Bronzes from the Sea series. Premier Exhibitions were held the following year at Rockefeller Center and sponsored by Scandinavian Airlines. 
On from my New York exhibit, to a wonderful exhibition in Oslo, Norway held at David-Andersen  during Operation Sail 1978.

The presentation of At the Helm by HM KingOlav V of  Norway to the Captain and Crew of Christian Radich as the City of Oslo Award.
There is much more to the Bronzes from the Sea story which may interest you, which I will pick-up throughout my new Web Site commemorating our 50th Anniversary.

Thanks for visiting. 
A pleasure to have you aboard.
Bill Osmundsen

​Bronzes from the Sea

by Wm Barth Osmundsen

At the Helm

(c) Wm Barth Osmundsen

"At the Helm" Bronze as commissioned by

The City of Oslo 

for presentation to​

  • Captain and crew of Christian Radich

during Norway's Operation Sail 1978 by

 HM King Olav V of Norway

Bill Osmundsen on board Christian Radich

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